Company Info

What is Construction Management?

  • A professional service that manages a project from start to finish for the purpose of controlling cost, time, quality and risk for the owner.
  • A team approach to complete a successful project that meets the owner’s specific needs.
  • The provider of a framework in which the project is developed and managed to its greatest efficiency.
  • An array of services that cover all phases of the planning, designing, and construction processes.
  • An effective and efficient system of clean communication, systematic scheduling, resource management, and budget control.
  • The process that is tailor made for the entity that wants an expert in the construction industry to assist by making a difficult process easy and efficient.

Our Promise

Marten Construction Management, Inc. will always look out for our client’s best interest, giving them the freedom to conduct their daily business activities without being burdened by the tedious intricacies of a building project.  If you’d like more information about what Marten Construction Management, Inc. can do for your next building project, or if you’d like a list of our previous projects, please email us at  You can also give us a call at 317-475-0855.

About Our Company

Marten Construction Management, Inc. is a professional organization specializing in meeting client needs as they relate to total project management.  Below you’ll find a brief history of our exemplary past.